LV Summer League




Please print & return registration form with check made payable to: LV SUMMER LEAGUE  

Registrations due by 5/28/19

______$50 Adult league - competitive registration

______$50 Adult league - recreational registration

______$75 High School league registration (entering 9th - 12th grades)

______$75 Middle School league registration (entering 6th - 8th grades)

______$75 Youth league, entering grades 3rd - 5th

______$75 Youth league, entering grades K - 2nd  









Teammate request ____________________________

Grade (as of September 2019) ____________

Team Affiliation_______________

Position ________________

Return to:

Stu Speicher

7079 Lincoln Drive

Macungie, PA 18062


Waiver of Liability



  *I hereby authorize the Lehigh Valley Summer League to act for me in according to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention, and hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless the Lehigh Valley Summer League from any and all liability incurred at during league play. I understand and assume the hazards and risks associated with this activity and waive all claims against the Lehigh Valley Summer League.


(Player Signature)


(Parent/Guardian Signature)

Health Insurance Co. ____________________

Policy No. _______________ Date ________


A trainer from Lehigh Valley Health Network has been

hired to attend to all Summer League events.

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