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Lacrosse Tips from Ian the Hot Dog Vendor 


"Good footwork is the most important part of playing good defense. You always want to keep your knees bent, stay on the balls of your feet, and stay low. Never cross your feet when you're guarding your man. Always stay between your man and the goal.

Don't let your man run were he wants, use your position to force him to go where you want. Cut off his angles and keep your stick in the passing lanes to knock down passes. When your man doesn't have the ball divide your focus between the man and the ball... keep your head on a swivel.

Don't stand there and look at only your man or only the ball. You need to see if your man is cutting and be able to guard him when he gets the ball. You also need to be able to slide when one of your teammates gets beat.

Footwork is the key to being a great defender so practice, practice, practice and don't ever give up good position to the offense. Solid footwork can make you a great defender."



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